DIY iPhone Stand for Desk

iPhone stand for desk – Do this cell phone holder using a small amount of excess vinyl from previous projects. Measure and draw a square of cardboard. Measure and draw a rectangle on the board of cardboard. Cut the rectangle. Measure and draw a rectangular strip long. Cut the strip. Fold the top of the strip down and change the band to cover the tab at the top of the front of the phone holder.

Unfold the ends, making sure not to change the angle of the strip. Place the folded strip box and on the cardboard and trace around it. Discard the bent piece. Fold the corners of the piece drawn where the strip meets the rectangle and the top of the strip. Cut the output pattern. This is the back of your iPhone stand for desk.

iPhone Stand for Desk

Mark an “X” on the front and back of the iPhone stand for desk. Draw around the pattern pieces with an ink pen. Cut the pieces. Sew a stitched zigzag along the top edge and around the tab on the front of the phone. Fold back the tab on the front flange. Mark sheets with an ink pen on each piece of the phone. Put the pieces of Velcro circle apart and apply cement to the back home. Place the circle’s Velcro tabs marks and let dry.

Picture Gallery of the DIY iPhone Stand for Desk

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